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Sydney Vocal Arts tutors are professionally trained, highly experienced and equally as comfortable working with beginners as they are with professional performers. Lessons are designed to be fun and low-pressure.  After all, this is about the simple joy of singing and students need to feel comfortable before they can achieve their best.

Lessons are generally 30 minutes long but can be 45 minutes or 1 hour in duration for very dedicated singers working towards a specific goal.
Lessons cost $47 per 30 minute session.

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If you’ve ever woken up on the morning of an audition with a sore throat, you’ll understand the importance of vocal health! As a singer it is just as important to look after our voice as it is our body.  Sam has spent many years performing in musical theatre and as a session and concert singer, so it has been of the utmost importance to keep her vocal cords healthy at all times. At Vocal Arts we can offer people of all ages and stages advice on how to get through a performance season without getting sick, how to sing with a cold, or what to do when you wake up on the morning of an audition with a sore throat!

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Sam Shaw

Sam Shaw

Director | Vocal Tutor | Musical Theatre | Choirs | Holiday Programs

Mitchell Kwanten

Mitchell Kwanten

Vocal Tutor | Guitar/Ukelele Tutor | Teens Vocal Ensemble | Singer/Songwriter Course